Dom Pérignon Plenitude 2 Brut


The contrasting climate conditions in 2002 resulted in an overall dry year. While August was generally gloomy and rainy, September was simply superb despite the punctuation of an occasional thunderstorm. Fortunately, fruit health was not seriously affected. The combined effect of wind and heat resulted in berry concentration that lasted until the beginning of harvest on September 14. 

Maturity is outstanding and somewhat reminiscent of that in 1982 and 1990. The almost exotic maturity of Chardonnay is a distinct characteristic of the vintage.Nose:The complexity is first and foremost warm, glowing gold with oriental exotic flavours: crystallized fruits, marzipan, sweet spices and fresh coriander. After breathing, fresh saffron evolves to a more grey, saline nature and the bouquet darkens, appears deeper, more reserved, harmonious and serene.Palate:The flavours are instantly delivered in a compelling fashion, opulent and ethereal, lively yet sensual, all around a core of fruit expression. Between the juxtaposition of aroma and palate, the sensuality becomes gradually more luscious, more tense, more profound. The combination maintains a fine lined precision of salinity with hints of liquorice.